Homoeopathy and steroids?what you should know before you spread lies…..

Treatment of fevers with Homoeopathy- what you should know.
June 23, 2018
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Homoeopathy and steroids?what you should know before you spread lies…..

This is a very common question discussed during homoeopathic
consultations. The answer is definitely „NO‟. Any homoeopath who is
committed to his science and
is a man of integrity has no need to use steroids in any form
or mix any other medicine in homoeopathic pills or powders.
I am practicing homoeopathy since more than 10 years, treating more than 25 cases daily
which are termed incurable in allopathy system of medicine.i have seen
excellent results both in acute as well as chronic conditions, that there is no
room for any malpractice.
However, patients argue that they have got the powders and pills
analyzed showing “test for cortisone positive”.
My argument with them is on the following points:
If a patient is being given cortisone for a long time (more than 30 days),
then the following side effects will start appearing

swelling of the face
or puffiness of the face (moon faces); osteoporosis i.e. washing
away of
calcium from the bones and bones becoming weak and brittle;
development of diabetes, indicated by high blood sugar levels and
presence of sugar in urine. Unfortunately none of the patients, who got
the medicine tested for cortisone, developed any
of these complications.
Cortisone is not a universal panacea or a universal cure for each and
every illness. Giving cortisone only helps those patients who suffer from
asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and other collagen disorders. It does not
help if given to patient suffering from any disease other than the
diseases mentioned above. In fact it may aggravate the condition. Also
giving cortisone with homoeopathic medicine itself suppresses the action
of the homoeopathic remedy. Most of the patients who had the
medicine tested for cortisone either came for consultation of recurrent
cough and cold or recurrent sore throat. Giving steroids to them is
useless as it is of no use to them! In view of this why should any
homeopath use steroids when it is going to do more harm than good?
Recently I had an occasion to these allegations. One of my patients got the
medicines analyzed that tested positive for steroid, at the most reputed
hospital . It was mentioned in the report that the “sample
contains less than the normal levels of cortisone”. This is technically incorrect
reporting as it clearly gives the signal to the reader that homoeopathic drugs
do contain cortisone, even if it may be in a negligible amount.
After contacting the chief pathologist there, he argued that the there was no
cortisone in the sample and hence he has reported “below the normal range
level”. However, I emphasize that this can damage the reputation of
homoeopathy in general. Hence, in future all the samples should either be
reported just as positive or negative for cortisone.
Also, many laboratories are not well equipped with the latest technical know
how of testing steroids; as samples collected by the hospitals in Mumbai
neither have expertise nor the equipment to do the correct complete
Dr. Anil Nibhkar, an expert in the field of pharmacology, and an ex
-head of the department of pharmacy at Kalina, Bombay University when contacted
clearly stated that the calorimetric method using tetrazolium blue salts gives
false positive results. The only authentic test for steroids is Liebermann
Buchard test or thin layer chromatography test or UV absorption test.
It is very essential for the patient to know that before they accept the claim,
that the tested medicine
contains steroid, they should find out the procedure
of the test as false allegation against any homoeopath is not only unfair but is
cancerous to the whole profession.
Its even highly learnt so called literate people are spreading lies than others,without having proper knowledge or awareness of homoeopathy

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